Articulating Film

Bausch Occlusion test films are thin, tear-resistant and characterized by color-intense marking especially on occlusal surfaces which are hard to test.

Bausch Arti-Fol® is available in five different colors so that fully adjustable articulators, precise protrusion, laterotrusion, retrusion as well as stop and balancing contacts can be presented in different colors.

Bausch’s Arti-Fol®12µ metallic film is made of metallic polyester film (Shimstock-film) only 12µ thick.

The combination of a newly created color coating and a metallic film allow for excellent color transfer. High spots can easily be detected, especially on ceramic or highly polished metal surfaces. The film is antistatic and can easily be applied even without using forceps, and extremely tear resistant.

The unique combination of a high-tech metal foil (Shimstock foil 12µ) and a two-sided color coating with micro-fine ground color pigments makes the Arti-Fol®metallic BK 28 the perfect choice to precisely mark moist occlusal surfaces.

It’s ideal for all materials such as metal, ceramics and plastics, including composites and natural teeth.





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