Articulating Papers

Bausch Articulating Papers provide the highest quality and most accurate occlusion in every procedure.

How do we accomplish this? Our marking material is embedded in special microfleece paper through a patented process. This Progressive Color Transfer helps you achieve accurate occlusion—every time.

Bausch 200µ Articulating Paper highlights overall pressure distribution by means of different color shades. You can easily obtain accurate pressure distribution within seconds, since high spots are immediately visible.

Our 100 micron paper is impregnated with hydrophilic waxes and pharmaceutical oils.

Combined with the bonding agent Transculase® Bausch’s 100 micron paper enhances detection of high spots on hard to locate surfaces, such as highly polished metals or ceramics. Its hydrophilic properties make it advantageous for use on moist occlusal surfaces.

Bausch 40µ micro-thin Articulating Papers are extremely thin and tear resistant, and are coated with liquid colors on both sides.

Avoid false contacts and smears with precision marks with our micro-thin paper. Also available in horseshoe-shape, our pre-cut paper can easily be applied without forceps or any other handling devices. All horseshoe-shaped papers come in plastic dispensers to make it easy to remove with one hand.


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